Lost: The Video Game

April 17, 2007


Very easily my favorite show on television is now going to be a video game. It was confirmed on the Lost podcast that the video game will be on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

While the show is great, I’m not sure how this would translate into a video game. Part of the magic of the series is the mystery behind it and since the series isn’t over, there’s alot of mystery yet to be solved. If they created a game, they wouldn’t be able to go past season 3 I’d imagine and that would leave the game with an open ending (which always kind of feels unfulfilling – remember the end of Halo 2?).

Still they might be able to pull it off. I think it’d be sweet to play as John Locke.

“Said Cuse approximately 25 minutes into the podcast, “[Developer Ubisoft Montreal] came down here the other day and did a demo on some of the stuff,” while Lindelof remarked, “very impressive,” in response to what they were shown. We don’t want to imply that television producers know what makes great games, but as fans of the show, we are comforted that progress is being made on the title. No release date has been mentioned.”



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