J. Scott Campbell

April 24, 2007



A HUGE influence on all of my design/illustration comes from J. Scott Campbell. If you know anything about comic book art, then hearing me say that Campbell comes BEFORE Jim Lee is actually saying alot. He started drawing comics at a young age, but was asked to join the Wildstorm crew barely a year out of high school. His first project was Gen13 (where I first found out about him). He went on to create the Danger Girl comic (pictures above are from DG) and is currently working on Wildsiderz.

Campbell is big on drawing faces and his style has a certain ‘sexiness’ to it that I’ve always tried to emulate with any design, illustration, or painting that I’ve ever done. Getting the eyes right on a face is something that can make or break a piece and Campbell hits the mark everytime, even if it means erasing the whole face and starting over several times.

I’m also hugely inspired when I see pencil drawings or sketches from artists who I admire. Seeing the process they went through and foundational sketches under the surface can teach so much. Those images up above are from his published sketchbook.


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